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The brain consists of 90 % of the cerebrospinal fluid and neurons. Neuron - is a living, conscious, single-celled life form, resembling a bacterium. Neurons interact with each other and that is called a synapse. It moves, think, interacts and talk with each other somehow. It can be ill for several reasons:

  • Stress – Adrenaline.
  • Food - Acidification and toxicity by chemical products. If you eat a large amount of pickled, smoked or MSG contained products, it means the body suffering from luck of nutrients for the vital activity of brain neurons; this is called degenerative changes. If your food is missing one amino acid, for example tryptophan (also called the “happiness hormone”) – you will not fill happy, luck of methionine – sugar level is violated, luck of glycine - the nervous system disorder.
  • Water - Dehydration of the neurons i.e. brain is called hypoxia. If there is no water in the brain, then there is no oxygen in the brain. Not enough liquid = Not enough oxygen; this is a major cause of headaches.
  • Bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites - In the central nervous system and especially in the head live CMV (Cytomegalovirus), Toxoplasma gondii (also called feline parasite), and the entire viral group (adenovirus, rhinovirus, influenza virus), it replicates in the brain neurons. If you have a headache during flu season see #1-4, the system works both ways.
  • Medicine - All long use products contain salicylates – it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such us phenylephrine groups. On one hand, it relieves headaches and on the other hand very much destroys brain neurons and headaches later will be more stable. The more you take the worse headaches.
  • Structure or position of the bones of the skull, spine and particular properties of the vascular system.
  • Movements - Improper technique of the movements, i.e. sit wrong, lie wrong, sleep wrong, walk wrong, incorrect weight lifting - all that leads to headaches.
  • Injuries - Birth injury or acquired later in life, i.e. head injuries and concussions, as well as any head or face surgeries, even dental work lead to the different levels of displacement of the bones of the skull and to compression of the brain; as the result: persistent headaches.
  • Vision - Not corrected visual acuity, such as incorrect glasses or person do not wear glasses, or severely strained eye, or one eye has astigmatism and the other not. Any tension always leads to headaches.
  • Inflammatory diseases of nasopharynx - Paranasal sinuses, including the frontal, ethmoidal, maxillary and sphenoidal sinuses.
  • Vertebral column - scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, subluxation, and any displacement of the vertebrae.
  • Violations of purity of the circulating fluid – Constipation. If a person is constipated, that is dehydration and intoxication. Intoxication of the central nervous system means the intercellular fluid is contaminated or poisoned.
  • Luck of energy – There are two types of energy source: glucose and fatty acids. If you experience chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, apathy, headache, hopelessness, etc., this is luck of energy. The energy is in the water as an oxygen and nutrients.

If you experience a headache at night and/or in the morning - it's always the spine.

If you have a headache after work - it is always dehydration, hypoxia.

If the head hurts constantly in the same place - it can be some destructive process in the brain.

Parasites - toxoplasma and viruses, such as cytomegalovirus, causes schizophrenia and autism. It destroys neurons, and neurons should be restored. Antibiotics can not help to kill the virus, because it is already dead – it is an alien program to our body. The virus can destroy only weakened neurons, that is why the brain must be cleaned, feed, and calmed down.

For example, if you or even worse – your child spent 8 hours next to the place with wall painting, which contains the oil dye, according to scientists, in the brain will die not 60 thousand but 600 thousand neurons. If your five years old drinks any Cola drinks, juices from the stores, if you give him a lollipop with chemical dyes, ice cream, chicken mc’nuggets etc., it can make your child disabled very early in life.

Headaches - primarily a spasm, it means the level of nutrition dramatically fell; it is dangerous only when there is no food in the brain. The spasm itself is not dangerous, we can respond with spasm to stress, adrenaline, to the weather conditions. If a neuron fed, it does not afraid any spasm, it considers it as a temporary difficulties.

Hypotension is a typical cervical stenosis. Parasympathetic nervous system locates in the neck and coccyx. The four pairs of cranial parasympathetic nerve cells innervate structures in the head and are located close to the organs they innervate and regulate its vascular tone. Any problems in the neck - cervical stenosis, radiculopathy, bending, etc., the entire vascular tone will be tense. Pressure will jump, trying to adjust and, if you do not restore the normal curve of the cervical vertebrae (neck), nothing will help.

Bad habits in motion - the leading cause of injury, for example: hold the phone with the shoulder while cooking, working etc., it is a state of meditation with enormous head tilt. A cervical vertebra (neck area) immediately displaces causing muscles spasm and pain. Muscle spasm and pain happens for a reason, it protects us from dislocation of the vertebrae.

Bad habits - is not only smoking, alcohol or drug addiction, it is also sleeping on the side and on your stomach. 40% of population dies during sleep. Sleeping on your stomach is dangerous. Sleeping on your side is the same bad habit as sleeping on the stomach. While sleeping on your side, neck is bent at the angle of 40 degrees, while sleeping on your stomach; neck is bent at the angle of 40 degrees, and turns at an angle of 90 degrees, i.e. circulation of the cerebral fluid interrupts. If a person is young and healthy, he will turn around, once he stops breathing. If a person sleeps tight or drank, or elderly, or has any sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, he can die quietly during sleep.

Bad habit - jump out of the bed after you wake up. First you need to roll over, stretch the spine, neck, waist, hands, and legs. This is called gymnastic in the bed. During the night your body relaxed and, if you jump in the morning, something can be pinched, pulled or injured.

Our body does everything for our own good: diarrhea – it is grate, vomiting - is a God's blessing, because, if you have diarrhea or vomit – it means you eat too much and/or not what you suppose to eat, it is blessing. Fever - it is a miracle, acne - it's a joy, if you have acne somewhere – thank God that it is not mutating into something different inside your body. If you break a leg, be happy that it was not your neck. Everything happens for a reason.

We have to be very careful about symptoms and constantly thinking - why? Why it hurts? Why it itches? Why me? What am I doing wrong - sitting, sleeping, lying down, lift heavy weights, exercises. Each symptom has to be thought through, and each symptom has to have reason. If you did not found the cause – you DO NOT eliminate the symptom.

Everything in the body is unique by its nature. We have all resources in the body to provide us with the long and healthy life and your body will fight for it every day. You can ruin your life yourself – it can be an ignorant medical doctor, YOU will encounter; or food YOU eat, or bad habits YOU have - and that all going to be YOU.

In any case, take responsibility for yourselves. If you are sick, if you have high blood pressure, headache, back problems, it is your responsibility only. That is very important! Once you take responsibility, you and only you can change your life completely.